Our Mission

Melifla Entertainment’s mission is to educate, inspire and motivate the independent music community, while providing professional, trusted, reliable and affordable services to the music & entertainment industry.

Our Vision

The goal is to be the most sought after entertainment & recording company offering exceptional services to our client and expanding to other markets.

Kenyan Entertainment Industry

Melifla Entertainment, being a Kenyan record label, is primarily committed to giving Kenyan artists their chance at the spotlight and wants to introduce national & international listeners to its pool of talents. Today the company represents both talent and brands and specializes in helping its clients become relevant in the cultural conversation, and connecting them to their audiences for greater levels of engagement. We harness the power of influencers, talent, content, media, brands, and technology to proactively develop the narratives that shape entertainment in general. We’re not just on top of what’s trending, authentic and hot right now -we create it

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